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What We Do

We help our clients reduce and transfer risk, and recover full value from their insurance and risk management assets.

Whether it be risk review, the design of new insurance and risk management transfer concepts, insurance claim submission, litigation management, or the pursuit, when necessary, of arbitrations, lawsuits, and appeals, we help clients navigate tumultuous legal and business issues.

We also help provide clarity in a crisis, while always considering our clients’ legal and strategic interests. And, when complex and challenging issues mount, we seek to provide a practical vision, based on our collective decades of experience, to help our clients minimize risk and maximize recoveries from insurers and other third parties–all while striving to maximize efficiency, minimize cost, and ease the burden that legal issues so often present.

Firm Honors & Awards

Jan. 11, 2024

Making & Developing the Law

Our lawyers are credited as being among the nation’s thought leaders on insurance and risk transfer issues.
Industry Event Keynotes
In addition to representing clients in some of the nation’s landmark insurance recovery decisions, our lawyers are active speakers on insurance issues (having spoken on more than 100 occasions at industry events).
Appellate Decisions
Our lawyers have argued many issues of first impression, with more than 50 appellate decisions. Our lawyers have assisted pro bono clients on key insurance disputes, and have been invited by courts to submit amicus briefs, and participate in oral arguments, in cases in which we were not otherwise involved.
Insurance-Related Articles
We have written, co-authored, or edited treatises, practice guides, and the ABA’s Manual on Complex Insurance Coverage Litigation—as well as more than 500 articles on insurance-related topics. Our articles have been cited or quoted by other authors, and by various courts, including the Arizona Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court.