August 23, 2021

Event: Peter A. Halprin on FBI Briefing and Cyber Panel

Law360 Turns to Peter Halprin On How 'Friends Of Court' Take Key Role In COVID Coverage Appeals

The COVID-19 Insurance Litigation Virtual Summit July 23-24, 2020

Momentum Jun. 16, 2020

Speaker: Kirk Pasich

As Businesses Reopen, The Lawsuits Begin: The Landscape for the Post-Covid Deluge of Lawsuits, the Intersection of Insurance and Using ADR for Expedited Resolution

New York State Bar Association May 18, 2020

Speaker: Peter Halprin

May 19, 2020, Lawline Webinar: "Arbitrating Insurance Coverage Disputes: A Better Alternative to Litigation?"

LAWLINE May 10, 2020

Speaker: Peter Halprin

Upcoming Webinar on COVID-19 Disruptions and Insurance Complications

Association of Food Industries Apr. 27, 2020

Speaker: Mikaela Whitman

CyberWire Podcast with Peter Halprin Discussing Ransomware and Insurance

CyberWire Feb. 27, 2020

Speaker: Peter Halprin

Advanced Legal Strategy Summit on Litigation

Momentum Feb. 13, 2020

Speaker: Peter Halprin

Rules for the Resolution of Insurance and Contract Disputes - Making an Expanded ARIAS a Reality

Insurability of Disgorgement and Restitution Claims After Kokesh, TIAA-CREF, and J.P. Morgan

Pasich LLP Welcomes New Partner Peter A. Halprin

Pasich LLP Welcomes New Attorney Kayla Robinson

Those Multi-Million Dollar Employment Law Verdicts:  What's Causing Them; How to Prevent Them; and What Do You Mean There Might Be Coverage for Punitive Damages?

2018 Institute Corporate Counsel Nov. 30, 2018

Speaker: Shaun Crosner