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A Pasich Attorney Examines Trends in Cyber Insurance & Ransomware Attacks in Interview with Information Security Media Group

Jun. 25, 2021
Ransomware is an issue that is permeating all businesses and sectors, and we’ve seen an explosion in this area over the past year as a result of COVID, a Pasich attorney told Information Security Media Group in an interview. They explained that with people working from home and distracted, there are more ransomware incidents and therefore more insurance claims. And, as we are seeing more claims, they are noticing an uptick in disputes. To protect themselves, they suggest that companies look at their insurance broadly. While, “Cyber insurance will have coverages like cyber extortion which will cover ransomware payments” and may provide breach response services, “Other coverage sources may be available such as crime insurance and property insurance.”  The interview touched on a number of cyber insurance topics, including the recent G&G Oil decision, war exclusions, ransomware payments and sanctions risks.  Listen to the full interview here.

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