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Political Risk Insurance and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict – Kirk Pasich Authors Daily Journal Article

Mar. 15, 2022

In the face of disasters, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, businesses often turn to their property and business interruption policies for insurance coverage. In his article for Daily Journal, Partner Kirk Pasich explains that those policies typically contain a “war” exclusion and instead, businesses should look to their political risk insurance policy for coverage.

“These policies insure businesses against losses in their foreign operations or projects resulting from certain political events and government acts,” Pasich wrote. He noted that the coverages vary, but several may apply in the current situation.

To learn more about political risk insurance and how businesses may be able to collect for their losses, read the full Daily Journal article here.

Kirk Pasich
Daily Journal — Named a member of the “Legal Dream Team” as one of California’s Top 25 litigators

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