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Policyholders Beware: How to Not Inadvertently Jeopardize Your Insurance Coverage – Jacquelyn Mohr Heitman Authors The Recorder Article

Oct. 12, 2023

Policyholders often think that once their insurance company has agreed to cover their claim, their obligations are done, and nothing can go wrong. That is not the case. Things policyholders do before and after they receive their insurance policies can have a large impact on the coverage they ultimately receive. Unfortunately, far too often, insurers rescind coverage based on information policyholders provide during the application process or following a claim.

In her article for The Recorder, Partner Jacquelyn Mohr Heitman analyzes a policyholder’s duty to cooperate with its insurer, the extent of the obligations owed, insurer attempts to fish for information to later avoid coverage, and what policyholders can do to protect themselves.

Read the article here. (Subscription may be required)

Jacquelyn Mohr Heitman
Awarded an honor for her work by the United Policyholders non-profit organization

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