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Online Tracking Suits May Be Next Insurance Battleground – A Pasich Attorney Interviewed by Law360

Jan. 26, 2023

Claims that companies are violating wiretap and video privacy laws through tracking technology on their websites could be the next big battleground in insurance for privacy risks. In an interview with Law360, a Pasich attorney discussed what coverage may be available to policyholders in the instance of a lawsuit.

Regarding general liability coverage, they noted, “[P]olicyholders can take heart in certain rulings regarding the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act holding that if insurers want to exclude coverage for violations of certain statutes, they must do so clearly and unambiguously.”

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A Pasich attorney represents commercial policyholders in complex insurance coverage matters with an increasing focus on recovery strategies in relation to cyber breaches and cybercrime. They helped clients pursue insurance coverage for business e-mail compromise schemes, cybercrimes, data breaches, fraudulent e-mails, invoice manipulation schemes, phishing and whaling attacks, ransomware attacks, privacy and statutory liability, and technology E&O disputes.


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