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In the Spotlight: Q&A with Partner Christopher Pasich of Pasich LLP’s Los Angeles Office

Jul. 08, 2022

After taking a non-traditional route to becoming a lawyer, Christopher Pasich of Pasich LLP’s Los Angeles office, has reached a new high in his legal career. In recognition of his work on behalf of insureds in complex insurance disputes, as well as for his efforts to grow the firm, Christopher was elevated to partner in January 2022.

Christopher is a member of the firm’s insurance recovery practice and has litigated matters in state and federal courts nationwide, in addition to engaging in arbitrations in the United Kingdom and United States. He also has experience asserting and defending against a wide variety of claims, including breach of contract, fraud, unfair competition and intellectual property claims.

Learn more about Christopher both professionally and personally below:

How and why did you decide on a career as a lawyer?

When I was growing up, I actually told my family multiple times that I was never going to be an attorney. I think if I was pushed into being a lawyer, I wouldn’t have stuck with it. It was nice to find it organically and take my own path.

I started off in engineering and transitioned to working in sports for a time, but it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be from the outside. When I started looking for something more intellectually stimulating and rewarding, becoming a lawyer seemed like a good fit. Since I’m a big tech guy, I started out in patent law. Eventually, I shifted towards insurance law and started to apply the same critical thinking used in patent cases, just to a different concept.

What was your path to partnership?

I joined the firm roughly three years into my practice and gained a lot of practical, on-the-job experience by writing appellate briefs, taking on more and more responsibilities in my cases, and having a lot of good mentors who helped me prepare to manage my own cases and clients.

What is your proudest professional moment?

There are two. The most recent one was getting a decision in the Delaware Supreme Court in RSUI Indemnity Co. v. Murdock. I took personal pride in that decision because it was my first opportunity to brief a case before a state Supreme Court, and it was the case where I conducted my first deposition.

My other proudest moment came during my first full year as an attorney. I took on a pro bono guardianship case on behalf of a child who was seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. I was able to get the child his guardianship and a green card. It was nerve-wracking because it was my first appearance in court, but the end result was gratifying.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’m a lifelong jock. At varying stages in my life, it’s been lifting or running or playing in softball leagues, but right now I’m training for a marathon. I find that the more active I stay in my spare time, the more mentally focused I am during my workflow. Even when I’m relaxing, I have a few things going on at once.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you do and why?

I’ve always loved technology and at heart, I’m a big nerd. I would probably be involved in a technological field, not necessarily engineering, but perhaps underlying business technology or marketing sales technology. It would have to be something that challenges me mentally, because I need that in my work and my day-to-day life.

Christopher Pasich

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