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The Hollywood Reporter Interviews Shaun Crosner on COVID-19 Insurance Litigation

May. 14, 2022

When the pandemic began in 2020 and sweeping lockdowns went into effect, billions of dollars’ worth of claims — many from Hollywood companies — were pouring in across the country. These claims have resulted in thousands of insurance coverage lawsuits throughout the country. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Partner Shaun Crosner discussed how COVID-19 coverage lawsuits have fared based on whether they were filed in federal or state court.

“State courts have been more receptive to arguments that insured policyholders are advancing,” Crosner said.  Crosner lamented federal courts dismissing cases before they get to discovery, explaining that federal courts should have passed on key questions to state high courts before ruling on certain issues.

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Shaun H. Crosner
Named to The Best Lawyers in America list for work in insurance law (2021 - Present)

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