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Cybersecurity Insurance and Litigation – A Pasich Attorney Featured Guest on Private Equity Funcast Podcast

Mar. 11, 2022
A Pasich attorney joined the Private Equity Funcast podcast to discuss the ins and outs of cybersecurity insurance and litigation with a focus on what private equity leaders need to know about these issues, including: why private equity leaders should treat attacks as inevitabilities, how cyber insurance can provide breach response support and financial protection against cyber risks, and how companies may be able to find coverage under other policies for cyberattacks, including crime, kidnap and ransom, property, and technology errors and omissions. Listen to the episode on Apple, Spotify and Stitcher. The Private Equity Funcast podcast is hosted by Devin Mathews and Jim Milbery, partners at ParkerGale Capital, a middle-market private equity group. The bi-weekly show is a lively discussion of the uses of technology to improve business operations for companies with less than $100 million in revenue.

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