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The Globe and Mail Interviews Shaun Crosner on El Niño’s Impact in the Insurance Industry

Jul. 07, 2023
Last month, the U.S. National Weather Service confirmed El Niño is back – the recurring climate phenomenon known for playing havoc with ocean and atmospheric conditions around the Pacific and beyond. Since 1980, its most pronounced occurrences are estimated to have drained trillions of dollars from the world economy. In an interview with Globe and Mail, Partner Shaun Crosner explained the impact El Niño could have in the insurance industry. “If recent history is any indication, we’ll see an uptick in insurance claims activity around these weather-related events. It is going to be very important for impacted businesses and individuals to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions in their policies,” he said. Read the full story here.
Shaun H. Crosner
Named to The Best Lawyers in America list for work in insurance law (2021 - Present)

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