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TechTarget Interviews A Pasich Attorney on Emerging Potential Cyber Risks

Oct. 19, 2023
In light of Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, TechTarget interviewed a Pasich attorney about the potential for an increase in cybercrime or cyber incidents. They said that cybercrimes tend to rise during times of conflict and advised businesses to remain vigilant in their cybersecurity efforts. “Phishing schemes are probably the way that most of these folks are getting in,” they commented. “You really want to keep your workforce alert and adopt a conservative policy toward email.” Along with potential cyber risks, the attorney said the risk of a wider regional war in the Middle East is something businesses should also be paying attention to, and business leaders should engage in contingency planning focused on how to respond to such a situation. “There can be significant disruptions to supply chains, so how do you position yourself to address that when that comes up?” they said. “There can be issues with your personnel. This happened during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine too – there were a lot of companies that had call centers and IT and other functions in Ukraine. They had to deal with the fact that people had to hide in bomb shelters during the day or were conscripted or reservists who enlisted.” Read the full TechTarget story here.  

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