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Physicians, Are You Ready for a Ransomware Attack? – A Pasich Attorney Featured in Medical Economics Q&A

Apr. 01, 2022

In a feature interview with Medical Economics, a Pasich attorney discussed how health care companies can defend themselves from cyberattacks and how cyber insurance can provide them with bottom-line protection.

When asked how big of a problem ransomware is in health care, they said, “Health care is a particularly risky sector for two reasons. There is a lot of personal information involved, so it’s a data-rich target. Also, you’ve got a lot of older systems that haven’t been updated regularly.”

They explained that cyber insurance, while not fail-safe, can help health care organizations if an incident occurs. “Cyber insurance coverage offers bottom-line protection up to the policy limit, as well as breach response services such as legal counsel, public relations experts and others that can assist in responding to an incident,” he commented.

Read the full Medical Economics interview here.  Medical Economics April 2022

They represent commercial policyholders in complex insurance coverage matters with an increasing focus on recoveries related to cyber breaches and cybercrime. They are a frequent writer and speaker on cyber insurance topics, a Faculty Member with the Global Cyber Institute, and recently completed a Harvard VPAL course entitled “Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age.”


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