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Insurance Considerations in the Music Festival Business

Jun. 07, 2019

The modern-day music festival is a complex, entertainment extravaganza of elaborate stage productions and coordinated multi-day sets with numerous performers at exotic locations across the globe.  Music festivals are no longer solely about the music but a wide variety of neighboring entertainment such as art shows, athletic competitions, health and beauty demonstrations, virtual reality, and stand-alone night clubs.  From a risk management perspective, festivals now run the gamut on potential liabilities that include collapsed stages, cancelled performances, severe weather, terrorism, alcohol liability, patron bodily harm and death, product liability and breach of contract claims.  In essence, music festivals have become a microcosm of live entertainment related liability exposures.

To combat these potential liabilities, festival owners, promoters, coordinators and those even tangentially involved in the music festival business are purchasing a variety of insurance policies.  These types of insurance policies often include, among others: cancellation insurance, terrorism, general liability, directors and officers, workers compensation, spectator liability coverage, umbrella policies, commercial auto and crime coverage.  Individuals in the music festival business should take note of the following considerations both when purchasing any of these policies and in their pursuit of coverage.

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