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Forecasting and Managing Risk to Your Brewery – Kayla Robinson Authors Brewing Industry Guide Article

Jun. 12, 2023

Small breweries have been buffeted by multiple problems in the past few years and they face major market challenges in the years to come. No one can predict the next disaster, but breweries can and should assess major risks – and prepare for the worst, Partner @Kayla Robinson wrote in her article for Brewing Industry Guide.

Robinson noted that while diversified revenue streams from a multi-faceted business is often itself good risk management, it can complicate the insurance landscape. Standard “package” policies may not sufficiently guard against the risks faced by a modern craft brewery, she cautioned. She advises breweries to take a close look at their coverages to make sure they are adequately insured.

Read more about Robinson’s steps for breweries to mitigate risks and maximize their insurance coverage here.

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